Tatte is looking for a good colleague!

2.4.2013 klo 12:00

It is again time to reward a good colleague with Tatte's annual Fenix Collegium Award. Send your nominations to PR Officer Jari Väliverronen by Friday, April 12!

Are you impressed by your colleague’s ability to work with others and build a positive atmosphere at work? Does your community have a scholar or a teacher who encourages and inspires others and utilizes their skills and knowledge to everyone’s benefit? If so, nominate them for the annual Fenix Collegium Award!

With the Fenix Collegium Award (earlier known as the Dear Colleague Award), Tatte wishes to recognize the work of those scholars or teachers at the University of Tampere who have made a significant contribution to the well-being of their scientific community.

The award is not for scientific or pedagogical excellence; rather, it is intended for colleagues who have maintained and developed camaraderie and fine collegial spirit at their workplace. The award winner does not have to be a member of Tatte. Last year, the inaugural prize was won by PhD and social psychologist Tarja Aaltonen for her outstanding contribution to the well-being of the members of her school and of the entire university community.

This year’s prize winner will be decided upon members’ suggestions by a 3-person board assigned by Tatte. The name of the winner will be announced at Tatte’s May Day Festival on Friday, April 26.

The award prize is 1,000 euros, and it is to be used for the improvement of well-being at the winner’s workplace. The winner decides how the money will be spent and reports briefly about it to Tatte. In addition to the award, the winner receives a trophy by the artist Mikko Tapio.

To nominate someone for the award, find a group of at least three colleagues, of whom at least one is a member of Tatte. Then send a motivation letter of no more than one A4 page with the supporters’ names to Tatte’s PR officer Jari Väliverronen (email: jari.valiverronen[at]uta.fi) by Friday, April 12.


Collegial wishes,

Minna Nikunen
Tatte President