Elias Pekkola Wins Fenix Collegium Award

26.4.2013 klo 13:00

This year's good colleague is University Teacher Elias Pekkola from the School of Management. Tatte presented the 1,000 euro Fenix Collegium Award to the winner in its Spring Festival today.

Tatte's traditional Fenix Collegium Award was won for the first time by a man this year as University Teacher in Administrative Sciences Elias Pekkola received the honour for his work in advancing well-being at work in the University.

The award committee, chaired by Tatte President Minna Nikunen, stated that Mr Pekkola earned the accolade for his diligent and unselfish work with all the members of his School.

The winner received special praise from the committee for his efforts to integrate international researchers into the School, the University, and Finnish society at large. In the latter, Mr Pekkola's sessions about Finnish cuisine have proved particularly useful.

"There seem to be a lot of friends of mämmi around," he said upon receiving the award.

"It is brilliant to have an award like this. Normally, the University only rewards people for academic excellence, so thank you very much," he later continued.

The 1,000 euro award is to be used for the improvement of well-being in the winner's community. Last year's prize-winner Tarja Aaltonen used some of the money to pay the bookings of the Atalpa sports hall she had made for her University asahi yoga course. Mr Pekkola had also thought of possible uses for the award.

"The money will probably be spent throughout the year on general recreational activities: coffee breaks, getting some bubbly for the occasional party, and so on. At first I thought if I should arrange a seminar with the money, but all my colleagues said it was an absolute no-no!"

Tatte congratulates Elias on the award and wishes all its members a Happy May Day!