Learning to Draw in One Day -Course May 9th Was A Success


It took me several days to digest the positive emotions raised by the workshop, but to summarise it in three words – it was fun, inspiring and insightful! In one word— it was a success!

I bet most of those 16 people who showed up for the course did not know what to expect: Would we be given some techniques to be able to copy some image? Why are we constantly reminded to relax and not be afraid to make ourselves dirty with paint? (For me, these two were most tricky, actually.)

It turned out the course was not only about the drawing techniques, but was more like an art-therapy session. As the teacher, Elena Osipova, is also a psychologist by profession, she was interpreting our little drawings on the way. Naturally, all our pictures turned out different, as we all have different personalities.

Time flew very fast and under Elena’s guidance we drew two pictures in three hours. The fun part was to see how the image transformed when put into frame and looked at from the distance! We were amazed by the results, asking ourselves: “Was it really me, who did it?”

For three hours, the art united a diverse international group of UTA teachers and researchers and even though we had a small language barrier at the beginning, it soon vanished yielding to the language of gestures, interjections and helping each other translate if something was not clear.

In their feedback, the teacher’s pedagogical skills were praised and many participants expressed the wish to continue drawing.  We hope it will be possible to organize the next level of the workshop next academic year.

Thanks TATTE for sponsoring this recreational activity for us!

Yulia Shumilova
Participant and Organizer of the course