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The Tampere University Association of Researchers and Teachers, or Tatte, as the association is colloquially known, is a member of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT).

Tatte has over 600 members, including university researchers, senior assistants, university lecturers, departmental coordinators, and representatives of other occupational groups. Tatte’s predecessor, the University of Tampere Assistant Association, was founded in 1967 to look after the interests of its members in matters concerning terms of employment. This remains our main focus to this day, and we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2017 with dedication to strive further, serve our members even better, and make a better university community.


The legal struggle over Tampere3 – what's it all about?



The Tampere3 process, aiming to the merger of all the institutions of higher learning in the city of Tampere, has become steadily more polarize ever since it was commenced in 2017. As a result of the new, highly controversial and potentially unconstitutional university regulations introduced in February 2018, the process has developed into a protracted struggle over the constitutionally-guaranteed university autonomy. The academic community at the University of Tampere has been near-unanimous in its criticism and protest against the implementation of the university merger. As a personnel association, Tatte has played its own significant role channeling the protest of the community. We have provided a full, concise disclosure of the events during these months, which witnessed a walk-out, Academic Board elections, and attempts of the academic community to influence the matter by legal recourse. Take your time to read up on this, because it is very important!


"We are the University!" the great labor action of Finnish universities in February-March 2018


The very first labor action in Finnish universities, which involved also researchers and teachers, took place from February 28th to March 6th in 2018. A strike closed down the University of Helsinki, and the University of Tampere prepared to participate in the strike action on March 7th. At the last minute, a day before the strike, the Finnish Independent Education Employers accepted a compromise reached in national conciliation. 

During the threat of this industrial action, Tatte maintained special strike pages on its website. Since academic labor actions are a rare event – in fact, they're historically unique – we have maintained here on our front pages a link to the media coverage of this labor action. The list includes both Finnish- and English-language writings and news from the period.

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