Run as a candidate in the new university’s faculty council elections!


The faculty council elections for the new University of Tampere have commenced. It is now possible to register as a candidate in the faculty council elections until Mon 19 Nov, 3 pm.

All members entitled to vote in the elections, either in Group 2 (teaching and research staff and other staff; most Tatte members belong in this group) or Group 1 (professors and associate professors), can now sign up as candidates by filling in the Tampere3-wiki e-form. Use the Haka-login, pick the alternative "Tampereen yliopisto", and sign up with your university account! The e-form is in Finnish, but it is quite simple to work out.

With the new university soon up and running, Tatte encourages its members in all faculties and departments to consider running for this important duty. Tatte will set up a special elections page for all its members who are running as candidates, where we will publish your introductions, and we will also bang the drums for a favourable voting result!

The faculty council elections are very important. One of the accomplishments of our walk-out in February was the preservation of the traditional equal representation of all university groups in the faculty councils. This hard-won representation needs its defenders right now!