Tatte's new Board for the year 2019!


The Autumn Assembly of the Tampere University Researchers and Teachers convened in November 22nd and elected the President and the new Board for the year 2019. Adjunct professor Jarkko Toikkanen will continue in his role as the President of Tatte ry.

Aside from President Jarkko Toikkanen, who was chosen for yet another year, the new Board of Tatte ry includes the following full members and their personal vice-members. The names of the vice-members are included in the parenthesis:

Hanna Rautajoki (Mikko Poutanen)
Sanni Tiitinen (Katri Otonkorpi-Lehtoranta)
Marko Juutinen (Erika Säynässalo)
Emilia Luukka (Kirsi Lumme-Sandt)
Toni Pakkanen (Hanna Kuusela)
Ashok Aspatwar (Ahmed Farooq)

The Autumn Assembly has also approved the Action Plan and Budget for the year 2019. The Action Plan emphasizes the safeguarding of researchers' copyright, the necessity to build new cooperation between personnel associations within the new unified foundation university, as well as the importance of recruitment and information. The position of grant researchers and unemployed doctors shall be given more attention, possibly by organizing training and information sessions.

As the new foundation university begins its operations, Tatte ry will also carry out a project which was planned already for the previous year, namely an inquiry on the potential consequences of the planned university fusion on the status of university personnel and the quality of employment practices. 

In addition, the Autumn Assembly has decided on certain nominal changes to the association rules, which have now been updated for the first time since 2012.