Nominate your colleague for the Fenix Collegium 2019 Award!


Tatte ry will be awarding the traditional Fenix Collegium award during the spring of 2019! The call for nominations is open until Monday, 8 April.

Do you have a teammate whom you appreciate as a colleague for being considerate towards others and for their ability to collaborate? Do you admire their dedication, good social skills and ability to maintain an enthusiastic atmosphere at work? Do you know a researcher or a teacher, who can encourage, inspire and motivate others, who is empathetic and provides support at work? If you have a colleague who fits this description, nominate them for the Fenix Collegium Award!

The Fenix Collegium Award was founded by Tatte ry and is awarded every other year. The award is intended to recognize the researchers and teachers at the Tampere University who are pillars of their community. The prize is not awarded on the grounds of scholarly achievements or didactic excellence, but rather on the grounds of being a great colleague; the kind of a person who knows how to keep up the positive spirit in the community, is a splendid and trustworthy team-worker, knows how to help and support others in their work, and always displays solidarity.

Anyone who teaches or conducts research at the Tampere University can be nominated for the prize; salaried employers, grant researchers, doctors, docents and young researchers who are working on their thesis. The nominee’s membership in Tatte ry is not required. The jury will consist of three individuals appointed by the board of Tatte ry. In the preceding years the prize has been awarded to Sanna Raudaskoski (2011), Tarja Aaltonen (2012), Elias Pekkola (2013) and Lina van Aeschot (2015). The prize was last awarded in 2017 to Yulia Shumilova, who works as a researcher at what was then the School of Management.

The money award is one thousand euros, which is intended to be used for further advancing the well-being of the awardee’s workplace. The winner decides how the money will be spent. In addition to the award, the awardee receives a challenge trophy by the artist Mikko Tapio. The name of the awardee will be engraved in the trophy. The award will be presented at the May Day Event on Monday, 29 April, 2019.

The nomination for the award should be signed by a group of at least three colleagues, one of whom should be a member of Tatte ry. Please send the short motivation (one A4 in length at most) letters to no later than 8 April.