Tatte May Day Event on Monday, 29 April 2019


CCO-licensed photo
CCO-licensed photo

Get into the May Day spirit with Tatte!

Come along and get into the May Day spirit with Tatte on Monday, 29 April from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.! We will be getting together in front of the Tampere University Pinni B -buiding. In the event of rain we will gather at the Näty Monttu.

14.00                Opening the event
                           May Day speech by Sinikka Torkkola
                           Artist Valtteri Kangasjärvi performs
                           Up-front: Tampereen University library
                           Presentation of the Fenix Collegium -award and
                              a speech to the awardee
                           Speech by Fenix Collegium -awardee
                           Artist Valtteri Kangasjärvi performs
15.00                Concluding words

The event is hosted by Jussi Jalonen. Sima and doughnuts are available throughout the event (vegan doughnuts also available).

If you are not yet familiar with Tatte, its activities and members, this is the time to come meet our vivacious community!