Tatte ry contributes to Tampere University work to establish and explicate shared values


Tampere University begun work in January 2019 to establish and explicate its values. Tatte has taken part in the work by reflecting on the values from the perspective of the union and its membership.

Members of the university community have been asked to contribute to this work by taking part in value cafés and an online survey. The online survey first asks its respondent to prioritize the given values by placing the most important value in the centre of the target. The respondent could then expand on the values on the following page, by explaining by these values are or could be present in their day-to-day life. On the last page, the respondent is asked to add any values or thoughts that were not present in the previous set of values. The following questions were given as help in the reflection process: 

    •  Are there any values missing from the list?
    •  What can we be proud of, either now or in the future?
    •  What should we not compromise on?
    •  What is important to you at Tampere University?
    •  What best describes Tampere University? 
    •  What is important in our work?

You can read about the views Tatte has about the work to establish and explicate the values of the university community in the attachment below. The attachment is, unfortunately, only in Finnish.