Fenix Collegium Award to prof Veli-Matti Värri


The Fenix Collegium Award of 2019 presented to professor Veli-Matti Värri. Hearty congratulations!

This year the Fenix Collegium Award is presented to an individual as recognition for their exemplary work in creating a good atmosphere in the workplace, furthering workplace equality and for advancing values related to teaching and research.

The award committee appreciated the wide and profound impact the recipient has had on their work community. The colleagues of the recipient gave thanks to the awardee's dialogic, just and transparent relations in the community. The proposal for this awardee showed well how great an impact the awardee has had on their community, which has been especially meaningful for researchers in the early stages of their careers. The awardee has worked persistently and collaborated widely in their community, which shows greta commitment to the community. The awardee has also contributed in progressive and bold ways to the discourse on values both at our university and in our society at large, questioning the directions in which our society is moving. Furthermore, the proposal for the awardee speaks of the strong ethical approach not only toward the awardee's teaching and research but in their own day-to-day life, work and encounters with others. The awardee's pedagogical knowledge has not remained theoretical, but rather manifests in the way they live and work as an individual and colleague.

With these accompanying words, the Fenix Collegium Award is presented to professor Veli-Matti Värri. Hearty congratulations on behalf of the Tampere University Union of Teachers and Researchers! The award consists of a trophy which is circulated to each new awardee, and a one thousand euro prize, which is to be spent in a way that benefits the entire work community. 

You may read prof Värri's thank you speech via the link below (in Finnish).