Tatte ry board for 2020 has been elected


The Autumn Assembly of the Tampere University Researchers and Teachers convened on 28 November and elected the President and the new Board for the year 2020. Postdoctoral research fellow Sanni Tiitinen has been elected as the President of Tatte ry for the coming year.

In addition to President Tiitinen, the new Board of Tatte ry includes the following full members and their personal vice-members. The names of the vice-members are included in the parenthesis:

Emilia Luukka (Kirsi Lumme-Sandt)
Anna Sofia Salonen (Jaana Virta)
Jaakko Vuorio (Motolani Agbebi)
Toni Pakkanen (Jari Eerola)
Liisa Ahlava (Mikko Poutanen)
Marko Juutinen (Teija Waaramaa)
Ahmed Farooq (Biju Thankachan). 

The assembly also elected the union meeting representatives. They are Sanni Tiitinen, Emilia Luukka, Anna Sofia Salonen, Jaakko Vuorio, Toni Pakkanen, Liisa Ahlava, Marko Juutinen, Ahmed Farooq, Biju Thankachan, Kirsi Lumme-Sandt and Jaana Virta.

The deputy union meeting representatives are Motolani Agbebi, Jari Eerola, Mikko Poutanen, Teija Waaramaa, Ashok Aspatwar, Erika Säynässalo, Vuokko Kohtamäki, Maija Mattila, Tuomas Tervasmäki, Juha Koivisto and Aki Luoto.

The Autumn Assembly also approved the Action Plan and Budget for the year 2019. The Action Plan focuses on the fair and decent working conditions of employed university researchers and teachers and developing the University administrative system. We will also actively examine the position of grant researchers in the university community, and the position of unemployed academics on the job market. In the upcoming season, we will also continue focusing on recruiting new members and on public relations.