News from the Chief Shop Stewards: Basis for part-time teaching fees under scrutiny, no agreement has been made on changes


There is some confusion about the fees paid for part-time teaching. Based on employees contacting JUKO’s shop stewards, it seems that the fees have been lowered.

There is no agreement between the University employer and Chief Shop Stewards about the fees for hourly paid teaching or the time counted as teaching preparation. According to the Chief Shop Stewards, the old practices apply because no new negotiated guidelines on the fees or the time counted as teaching preparation exist. If it is necessary to harmonise the practices, the changes must be agreed in cooperation with employees.In the cooperation negotiations in November 2018, tuition fees paid for part-time teaching were discussed, but the details of the fees were not negotiated. The minutes from the negotiations state: “Some of the details related to the whole will be clarified and specified later, e.g. in continuing education the compensation practices will be clarified, and as concerns online teaching, a current state analysis is underway.”  

Chief Shop Stewards answer questions 

The Chief Shop Stewards also remind that oral agreements apply. If an oral agreement has been made with a part-time teacher as before, that agreement also concerns the fee paid for teaching. Chief Shop Stewards urge teachers to get in touch if there are ambiguities.The fees for part-time teaching are also one of the topics included in the Chief Shop Stewards’ and Deputy Chief Shop Stewards’ detailed initiative concerning starting cooperation negotiations. The initiative will be discussed between the Chief and Deputy Shop Stewards and the University employer on 20 February. In the negotiations, the way the negotiations will continue will also be decided.

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