Active Members Are Tatte’s Backbone

The highest executive power in Tatte belongs to the members.

Autumn and Spring Assemblies
The autumn and spring assemblies are open to all members. At the autumn meeting you can influence who is elected to the Board and affect the organization’s future strategy and budget. In the spring, you can evaluate past actions in the form of an annual report and a financial statement. The assemblies are usually catered. The times and dates of these assemblies are announced in the Acatiimi magazine and to members of the Tatte mailing list.

Board Convenes Once a Month
The Board is elected in the autumn assembly for a one year term. The Board uses executive power during the period between the assemblies and convenes once a month. You can easily raise new issues in Board meetings by contacting the Board or its chairmen.

How To Be Active Between Annual Assemblies
If you have an idea on how to better some issue or activity, Tatte offers you the opportunity and means to put your idea into action. The Board can easily set up work groups that include external members as experts. You can make a proposal on some issue for the autumn or spring assembly, the Board, or stand as a candidate in the Board elections.  

The Board is always open to novel ideas and proposals!