Being Active in the University

Tatte and its members are diversely active in university life. If you have comments, concerns, or questions, please contact us. Contact information and a list of shop stewards can be found via the link: Shop stewards at the university.

There are two types of elected bodies at the University of Tampere. Under the University Law, the executive bodies include the University Board, the University Collegiate, and the boards of each individual department. These are represented by all groups from the university community: professors, other staff, and students. The election and powers of these bodies are defined in the University Ordinance and the Election Ordinance.

The University Board and the University Collegiate
The University Board is the highest executive body at the University. The Board has five external members and six members from within the university, two from each group (professors, other staff, and students). The University Collegiate serves a four-year term. One of its duties is to discharge the University Board from liability for the accounts. The Collegiate body chooses the external members of the Board and confirms the members of the university community. Contact information for Tatte’s University Board and University Collegiate members can be found on the Contact page.

University Salary System Evaluation Groups
There are two joint employer/employee evaluation groups at the university. The teaching/research staff and the other staff each have their own evaluation groups; Tatte has representatives in both groups.

Occupational Health Committee
The Occupational Health Committee is a statutory body that handles issues related to work welfare and occupational health. Tatte has representatives on the committee: one occupational safety delegate and one deputy delegate (see the contact page). The Committee’s proceedings are available on the university intranet.