Membership Brings You Benefits

Tatte membership makes you eligible for the membership benefits of FUURT. For further details, visit the FUURT web page.

The most topical news of the membership benefits from the www.jä internet service (available only in Finnish).


Why Join a Trade Union?

In Finland, the trade union movement has a longstanding societal role and is duly recognized in labour market negotiations. There is no political stigma associated with joining a trade union—most workers in Finland belong to one. Union membership provides you with a lot of important information about your workplace and gives you a chance to exercise influence over work issues.

If problems or confusion occurs pertaining to your employment or its termination, the union trustee will look into the matter for you. Tatte is a member of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT). This means you are entitled to legal assistance from the union’s lawyers. If the terms of your employment period are satisfied, your membership guarantees you an earnings-related unemployment allowance. Disputes between researchers, teachers, and employment authorities are common. Fortunately, Tatte has experience in these cases and can offer support. 

Tatte’s online membership pages and mailing list keep you up to date and give you the opportunity to participate in issues concerning your university. Tatte represents researchers and teachers in various university bodies and makes statements and proposals regarding staff and research policies. Tatte also organizes events around issues that are current and relevant to its members and coordinates recreational activities.

 For a list of membership benefits and instructions on how to join, see the pages on the left.