Resigning from the Association

You may need to switch trade unions or associations when you change jobs. If you join new unions or associations, it is important to resign from the old ones. Otherwise, the union suffers unnecessary costs due to unpaid membership fees.

If your new job is at another university, we advise you to join the local association of FUURT. The Finnish Union of University Professors (FUUP) is also an option for those who have earned professorship. If your new job is outside the field of academia, you should consider another pertinent trade union.

If you switch unemployment funds within a month, you will retain your status as a member; this means, for example, the membership eligibility period required to receive your earnings-related allowance is not reset. The safest way to switch funds is to apply for a new membership in a new association, THEN resign from the old association. This guarantees that there are no gaps in any payments that might affect unemployment benefits.

You can resign your membership by sending an informal letter (either by letter or email) to the administrative secretary, stating the exact date of resignation and the name of your new association. If you have authorized your employer to collect your membership fee from your salary, remember to inform them about your resignation and to supply your new employer with a letter of attorney.