Bank Transfer Information for  Membership Fee Payments
If you pay the membership fee yourself, include the following information on the bank transfer:

Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers account: DANSKE BANK 800012-70424535

-Your name and social security number
-The period for which the payment is being made
-The number of the union and the local branch : 181/012
-The amount of the fee

Members Are Responsible for Payments

Members are responsible for making sure membership fees are correctly deducted from their salaries. Failing to pay your membership fee jeopardizes your unemployment benefits and may result in expulsion from the unemployment fund. If your membership fee is collected directly from your salary, always check your pay slip to ensure that payments are in order. FUURT duns membership nonstop throughout the year.

The membership fee must be paid from your first membership day onwards. This day is marked in your membership acceptance letter. FUURT sends its members separate bank transfers once a year at the beginning of each calendar year, in January-February. These transfers have reference numbers for a quarterly payment option.

If you join after January-February, you will receive the quarterly referenced bank transfers the following year. If authorizing your employer to directly collect your membership fee is not an option, you must set up payments via a regular bank transfer (see instructions on the left).   

Authorized Membership Fee Collection
The easiest way to pay the membership fee is to authorize your employer to directly collect the amount due by supplying the accounting/payroll department with a letter of attorney. In the letter of attorney, put 1.05% in the section titled “basis of amount” and 181/012 in the section titled “Union/local branch.” The letter of attorney can be printed from this page (see right).

Notice that the membership fee is not collected retroactively from earned income. Collection begins at the beginning of the collection period closest to the day the employer signs the letter of attorney. Thus, the member is responsible any payment due during the period between joining the association and the first collection period.

Paying Membership Fee by Yourself
If you are not receiving regular pay, but are unemployed, working on a grant, or receiving a parental allowance, you have to pay the membership fee yourself. Even when unemployed, you still have to keep your membership current; otherwise, the unemployment fund is not obligated to continue paying your earnings-related allowance.

How to Calculate Your Membership Fee
For most members, the membership fee is 1.05 percent of your earned income.

For the following members, the fee is €8 per month. The conditions are as follows:

  • work is funded by a grant
  • maternity leave or comparable leave (unpaid)
  • unemployment
  • military service
  • student status
  • unpaid leave of absence
  • sickness benefit (Kela)

Note: Senior members do not have to pay a fee and are entitled to all membership benefits except insurance.

Special Concerns in Periodic Employment
Periodic employment is quite common in academia; in such cases, special care must be taken when paying membership fees. The full membership fee is paid for any work weeks of 18+ hours a week or, in teachers’ cases, when the work time equals at least half of the lowest possible weekly work hours of a full-time teacher.

If you are unemployed but perform any work that qualifies as time-in employment, you are expected to pay 1.05 percent from all such income. If this work remains below the amount of time that qualifies as time-in employment, your membership fee is €8 per month. It is important to note that only insured work is considered time-in employment. For uninsured freelance work, the membership fee is €8 per month.

For more information, contact Tatte’s administrative secretary or the membership secretary of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT).