See details on working at university on the webpages of FUURT, especially the page EMPLOYMENT
From there you can find useful information about working at a university; for example, information about fixed-term employment contracts, salary, work time and absences, travel expenses, grants and scholarships, working in Finland, equality and non-discrimination, and parental leave. In addition, you can learn more about the career services provided by the union.

Notice also the useful pdf guide Working at the University available on the MATERIAL page.

The grant researchers should read pdf guide Grant information for Researchers by FUURT on the MATERIAL page. It contains useful information among others on social security, taxation, grant term and unemployment security.

Instiruction In Case of Unemployment from Membership Pages.

Career pages of University of Tampere


Working at University

Laws, statutes, and collective labour agreements regulate work at universities. Tatte and FUURT oversee their members’ interests in these matters. Our goal is to guarantee university employees task-based pay, permanent employment, and a chance to act as fully-fledged members of the university community. All university employees must be guaranteed equal positions, irrespective of the nature of their employment, its length, or funding. We actively work to guarantee that all unemployed researchers have the same rights as all other unemployed wage earners.

Tatte also oversees the interests of researchers working on grant money. Grant researchers are regarded as equal to university staff. Grant researchers are full members of the university community, meaning they are eligible to vote and be candidates in collegial elections.

Role of the Shop Steward
Shop stewards oversee the application of the collective labour agreement and negotiate with the employer regarding its practical solutions. Their role is to help unionized employees with all employment-related issues. When something is unclear or otherwise problematic, turn to your shop steward. Contacting them does not mean going public with the issue or commencing negotiations with your employer. Tatte’s shop stewards are members of the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals. Contact information can be found here. Remember, that the shop steward serves all members! Grant researchers, even though they are not salaried employees, are also entitled to confide in Tatte's shop steward.

Occupational Safety
Tatte relies on the services of occupational safety delegates to handle occupational safety issues. Occupational safety delegates can be contacted regarding any issues concerning either physical or mental occupational safety. Both the occupational safety delegates and Occupational Safety Committee are statutory bodies. The Committee, in which Tatte maintains a representative, handles issues related to work environment safety, occupational health, ability, and equality.

Problems with Unemployment Benefits
Grant researchers are sometimes seen as not fully available for employment in the labour market and are thus considered students or entrepreneurs.

If you become unemployed after your grant expires, see the page In case of unemployment on the left (you will need your log-in code to log in).