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Address: Name of the addressee / Tampere University Association of Researchers and Teachers 33014 University of Tampere

Board of Tatte 2020

President Sanni Tiitinen, deputy board member of FUURT, sanni.tiitinen (at)

Vice-president Toni Pakkanen, Webmaster, toni.pakkanen (at)
Deputy member Jari Eerola

2. Vice-president Emilia Luukka, Communications and PR-Officer, emilia.luukka (at)

Anna Salonen, Treasurer, anna.salonen (at)
Deputy member Jaana Virta

Jaakko Vuorio, jaakko.vuorio (at)
Deputy member Motolani Agbebi

Liisa Ahlava, secretary, liisa.ahlava (at)
Deputy member Mikko Poutanen

Marko Juutinen, assistant in membership and administrative issues, marko.juutinen (at)
Deputy member Teija Waaramaa 

Ahmed Farooq, recreational events, ahmed.farooq (at)
Deputy member Biju Thankachan

Assistant of the Association

Marko Juutinen,

Tatte members in executive bodies and legal committees at University of Tampere

Academic Board
Hanna Kuusela, hanna.kuusela (at),
Kirsi Lumme-Sandt, kirsi.lumme-sandt (at)

University Salary System Evaluation Groups
Hanna Rautajoki, hanna.rautajoki (at)
Vuokko Kohtamäki, vuokko. kohtamaki (at)

Cooperation council
Sinikka Torkkola, sinikka.torkkola (at)

Delegate of Occupational Health
Riitta-Liisa Larjovuori, riitta-liisa.larjovuori (at), puh. 050 433 6260
Deputy delegate Vuokko Kohtamäki, vuokko.kohtamaki (at), puh. 040 190 4055

Occupational Health Committee
Sanni Tiitinen, sanni.tiitinen (at)
Deputy member Hanna Rautajoki, hanna.rautajoki (at)
Riitta-Liisa Larjovuori, riitta-liisa.larjovuori (at)
2. Deputy member Vuokko Kohtamäki, vuokko.kohtamaki (at)

Shop Stewards of Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals (JUKO) as of 1 September, 2019

The member associations and unions of JUKO are listed here (in Finnish): 

The JUKO member associations include, among others, The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (and its member associations Tatte ry, INA ry, 3T ry), the Finnish Union of University Professors, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (Local Association of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland at Tampere Universities), The Trade Union of Education in Finland (The Union for University Teachers and Researchers in Finland), The Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu (Loimu local assocation at Tampere LATTE) and Social Science Professionals (Social Science Professionals at Pirkanmaa). 

If you are a member of one of the above or some other JUKO member association, the JUKO shop stewards are here to assist you. The JUKO shop stewards assist all AKAVA members in matters related to their work and working contracts. If you have questions related to your work, get in touch with the shop steward from your personnel group. Matters discussed with shop stewards are confidential. 

The JUKO shop stewards at Tampere University are listed below. 

Chief shop stewards

Matti Aarnio
Laboratory Engineer
Mobile: 0408490273
Hervanta Campus, RL202

Sinikka Torkkola
Senior Research Fellow
Mobile: 0401909785
City Center Campus, Main building C 146

Jarkko Valjakka
Mobile: 0503080866
Kauppi Campus, Arvo, D372

Deputy chief shop steward

Mari Hatavara
Mobile: 0401901565
City Center Campus, Pinni B 5003

Temporary deputy shop steward
Terhi Kaarakka
Mobile: 0401981994
Hervannan Campus, SC305

When Mari Hatavara runs as a chief shop steward Terhi Kaarakka takes care of duties of the deputy chief shop steward.

Shop Stewards

Shop steward for professors and tenure track fellows

Mari Hatavara
Mobile: 0401901565
City Center Campus, Pinni B 5003

Deputy shop steward
Ari Visa
Mobile: 0407287969
Hervanta Campus, Tietotalo TE411

Shop steward for university letcurers, university instructor and lecturers

Terhi Kaarakka
Mobile: 0401981994
Hervanta Campus, SC305

Deputy shop steward
Katriina Veikkolainen
University Instructor
Mobile: 0503180396
City Center Campus, Pinni B5050

Shop steward for senior researcher fellows and postdoctoral fellows

Hanna Kuusela
Academy Research Fellow
Mobile: 0505142264
City Center Campus, Main building E-wing

Deputy shop steward
Marko Helenius
University Instructor
Mobile: 0408490758
Hervanta Campus, Tietotalo, TE210

Shop steward for doctoral researchers

Matti Haavisto
University Instructor
Mobile: 0401981478
Hervanta Campus, TF 208

Deputy shop steward
Tuomas Tervasmäki
Doctoral researcher
Mobile: 0504377097
City Center Campus, Virta 501

Shop stewards for other staff

Sari Hyttinen
Coordinator of International Education
Mobile: 0401901530
City Center Campus, Virta 246

Deputy shop steward
Esa Hakala
Information Specialist
Mobile: 0504029124
Hervannan Campus, Kampusareena A112

Pirjo Kuhanen
Faculty Manager.
Mobile: 0408490800
Hervanta Campus SM 412, Kauppi Campus C233

Deputy shop steward
Teija Helanti
Mobile: 0503186909
City Center Campus, Main building B 115

Updated 4.10.201